We began Bella & Bone back in 2014…it was all about dogs in our house. We began to foster dogs and I then became a board member for a rescue group. My husband and I realized that starting the company would enable us to help raise much needed funds for local rescue groups. We created doggy spa products with the help of a very talented local artisan…the rest is history. For a short while life got in the way of us pursuing our goals for the company…but now here we are in 2018. Everything is a go for us here at Bella & Bone…down to a brand new look from our products to our website. We are very proud of the new Bella & Bone and we cannot wait to introduce our new line of products over the next few months. We will also be adding some talented local artisans work to our store…please watch out for them. Our goal is still to support as many rescue groups as we can and to find some as many unique pet products along the way…all to help raise much needed funds for the rescue groups and our favorite charities. Please follow our social media pages all our fundraising efforts.


Meet Bella & Bone’s top dogs – ‘Ms Maggie’ and ‘Lilli Wonderful’, respectively.

These two ‘pups‘ (not so puppy any longer) are the inspiration for getting us into all things taking care of dogs. It’s thanks to them that we started Bella & Bone. Both rescues – Maggie is a Pitbull and Lilli is…well, Lilli Wonderful (named by my young daughter, and co-founder of B&B, Isabella) We were told that she was a Rottweiler pup… . Ha!!! Wrong! She is actually more of a hybrid, Rottweiler/Shar Pei mix… amongst other things.  Happily, she kinda grew on us and is now an integral part of the family.

And, it was down to these two guys – sorry, ladies! – love of our B&B handcrafted organic treats that we then moved onto organic doggy spa products; starting with a natural shampoo soap bar and an organic multi-use Bella & Bone Balm. However, please bear with us, as we’ll be telling you more about these new B&B products in the coming weeks.


An all organic vegan paw, pad, and nose balm. It helps to heal and protect all of the exposed areas from dryness, cuts, and general wear and tear of a dog’s life on the road.

Our products are made with love for your 4-legged friends, with some of the best organic ingredients to help heal and protect their paws, pads and noses.

We sourced some of the finest artisanal crafters in the business today – using their knowledge, expertise and, above all, an understanding of B&B’s needs. We worked closely together, as a committed and caring team, to ensure we created the best products we could.

Ingredients:- Organic mango butter, organic unrefined shea butter, organic coconut oil, candelilla wax, vitamin E. Each of the ingredients was deliberately sort out for their healing and protection abilities. We also had to make sure that all ingredients was pet friendly – the most important part.

Even Bullies need a (B&B) balm!

And, because we love ALL dogs, B&B isn’t just about Ms Maggie & Lilli Wonderful. In our #ShowUsYourPaws Gallery we’ll be updating regularly with images of our other favorite dogs too – and, sometimes, their human pals! Such as Carol Moulton, seen here with her trainer’s dog, ‘Clover’ (thanks for sharing this great photo with B&B, Carol!).

More doggy news coming soon – particularly about our new range of spa products, which are not just for dogs!

Please do come back and visit soon!

Jacqui Kimberlin

Co-Founder – Bella & Bone


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