Renee and her Team at Brooks Books have been life-savers for us and our small business!  In the past, we have had accounting services that were non-communicative, and difficult to connect with.  Accessibility to personnel and getting information from them was sporadic, and inconsistent.  But with Brooks Books, I don’t have that difficulty!  Renee and her team are quick to respond to inquiries, and their service is PRO-ACTIVE in keeping my accounting up-to-date!  The team has gone above-and-beyond for us this year, as we’ve faced many transitions and changes.  I can’t describe how reassuring it was to have them on-the-job with us!  Having knowledgeable and friendly people in our corner to assist with and answer the questions and issues that revolve around our accounting needs has been BEYOND value!

Brooks Books is a very significant part of our team, and we certainly expect that they will be with us for a LONG time!

PK McCann
Office Coordinator
Lexlogia Technologies