I was in a world of accounting confusion when I reached out to Renee at Brooks Books.

For over two decades, I had kept all my accounting information using a time consuming system of Excel spreadsheets. I wasted valuable hours struggling with accounting, especially at tax time. When I first spoke to Renee, I was drowning. She told me that I would not only soon be able to use Quickbooks effectively but I would also understand how to quickly and efficiently manage all my company’s accounting. I was skeptical because I couldn’t imagine learning something that I knew nothing about.

Well, Renee was right. With her amazing help, I figured it out in no time and have freed up so much more time for valuable company administration that actually helps me make money.

Renee is truly fantastic with her in-depth knowledge of accounting and how it relates to specific things, like helping to organize my payroll and tax preparation.

I can’t recommend Renee and Brooks Books highly enough! She revolutionized my company’s accounting procedures.

Chuck Kelly
CEO / Director of Operations
Metro Sports Communications